Homeowners throughout Missouri and the Midwest continue to see their electric (and sometimes natural gas and propane) bills rise from year to year, in many cases an average 8% to 11% or more each year. Despite efforts to save energy such as turning up the thermostat in summer, installing LED light bulbs, simply turning off lights, many energy saving efforts may seem unrewarding as energy rates keep climbing. Many homeowners simply give up, believing “it’s just the way it is”. The reality is energy bills can be reduced substantially, often 25% to 50% OR MORE, through proven methods and the process is simple and easy.


1. The smart first step to reducing energy costs in your home is to understand facts about your home that are making it uncomfortable and have high utility bills. Ballards Insulation helps you identify key energy efficiency issues with your home through a Home Energy Evaluation specific for your home.  Our evaluation considers all the elements of your home that impact comfort and energy use. We review our findings with you in simple, straightforward, easy to understand language. Your Ballards printed report will help you better understand the most common underlying causes of energy, comfort and health problems in your home and the highest performance solutions available to solve your specific issues.


2. Ballards believes that the most successful home energy projects are those which start a plan including a detailed examination of the home measured against best practices for energy efficiency, producing recommendations designed to solve issues and lower utility waste. Most contractors simply generate “free estimates” which are at best, a worthless best guess for materials and labor for installing one material or another. The Ballards Home Energy Evaluation provides a detailed roadmap for making your home the most comfortable and energy efficient it can be. Your Ballards evaluation prioritizes recommend energy improvements in the right order to achieve the highest results.


3. Follow a plan and work with professionals, such as Ballards, who focus on quality products, installation techniques and processes that produce predictable, measurable results before you spend a dime on any home energy improvement. By following this process, once you are ready to move forward with implementing a home energy efficiency project, you can be assured your home comfort issues will be solved while producing the highest energy savings and Return-On-Investment possible.

Our team of Energy Efficiency Specialists are here for you to help you navigate the home energy improvement process. We want to make your home the home you can’t wait to come home to!