What is Cellulose Insulation?

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Cellulose Insulation is a type of fiber insulation made of recycled newspaper. With a much higher concentration of recycled material, cellulose insulation can contain as much as 85% of recycled content. This material is cut down and fiberized into small pieces so they can be densely packed preventing airflow. After the material is  cut down, it is treated with a non-hazardous chemical like borate which acts as a flame retardant while making it pest and mold resistant


Types of Cellulose Insulation

There are two forms of cellulose insulation: loose-fill and dense packed. Loose fill cellulose insulation is commonly used in attics, while the dense packed cellulose insulation is used in walls and ceilings. Each of these types are installed by using a blowing machine and are referred to “blown-in insulation”.


Environmentally Friendly

With its high amount of recycled content, cellulose insulation has more environmentally friendly features. Since it is made of recycled content, that prevents those materials from entering landfills. The process to create cellulose insulation is a more energy efficient process than other insulation materials like fiberglass.


A Safe Insulation

Although cellulose insulation is made of paper, it does not make your home vulnerable to fire because it is treated with fire retardant chemicals like borate giving it a Class 1 Fire Rating. Fiberglass insulation is often faced with paper which causes it to burn easily. This gives cellulose insulation a higher fire rating than fiberglass insulation.


Energy Savings with Cellulose

Since cellulose insulation is comprised of small paper fibers, when blown-in it easily fits around objects. This allows it to perform better than traditional fiberglass, since it can get into smaller and harder to reach places. Making the investment in cellulose will keep your home energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Ballards Insulation is well trained to install Cellulose insulation with an air dealing process following industry-leading practices, and giving excellent results to homeowners in the Sedalia, MO area.

Ian Yates